Therapies on Thames offers physiotherapy in Berkshire at your home. We will help you be independent again if you have had a fall, are recovering from an injury or operation, are living with illness or have a long-term disability such as a stroke.

We can help you get your life back to normal and ensure your relatives have peace of mind in all kinds of scenarios. You may need help getting up the stairs after a knee operation or you’re nervous walking to the shops after a fall. Whatever issue you’re facing, our private physiotherapists can build up your strength and confidence.


Physiotherapy Services in Berkshire

What does a physio do?

Our treatments depend on your disability and the issues you’re having. They are designed to help you move about your home with ease and without pain. All treatments start with our physio assessing your needs and developing a personalised exercise plan.
With a stroke, you may have weakness on one side of your body. Our aim will be to help restore strength and teach you how to walk again naturally both in your home and outside.
If you had the stroke several years ago, the physio will work to maintain movement and your strength, helping you to move about more and restoring your confidence.

Therapies with a combined approach

Our physiotherapists work closely with our occupational therapists, so we can not only treat your physical issues but also help you manage daily tasks such as using your bath or shower or getting in and out of your car.
This means our therapists have access to the right equipment and treatment techniques to help you return to a more independent life.
Read more about our combined approach to treating you holistically. We treat the whole person, not just a part.

Hip replacement

Let’s say you’ve just had a hip replacement. You’re having difficulty managing life at home as your hip recovers and you are unsure if you are doing the right things.
First, we want to improve your mobility. So, the aim of your physiotherapist will be to help you move the legs and strengthen your muscles with balancing and strengthening exercises in your own home. Your physiotherapist will help you practise walking up your stairs and getting in and out of bed, giving you the confidence needed to move around your home regularly.
You may also be given treatments such as massage, joint mobilisations and acupuncture to reduce muscle pain and restore movement in the leg.
One of the most common side effects of a fall is fear of falling again. Are you walking differently? Do your feet feel stuck to the floor? Are you walking less often? If you don’t get help now, your muscles will deteriorate quickly and you will lose your ability to walk and increase the risk of falling again.
Our Berkshire physios will build up your confidence and improve your strength and balance so you can move more freely at home. Then we’ll help you to get outside more.

Physiotherapy in your home

Best of all, we offer private physiotherapy treatment in your home, so you don't have to travel to us. Our caring physios come to you because it's less traumatic and more convenient and comfortable, especially if you're an older person who finds it difficult to move.
As well as private physiotherapy at home, we’ll visit you wherever you are in the community. We can come to you in care homes or private hospitals or a hospice. Due to our experience in occupational therapy, we can also suggest or provide other rehabilitation services you might need.

Let us restore your strength and help you stand on your own again.
We love nothing more than enabling you to live life the way you want to – independently at home.

We’re all experienced professionals and DBS checked. Many clients vouch for our integrity, as you can see from our testimonials.


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“When kindness and professionalism were needed after a hip operation, Therapies on Thames provided exemplary care. Home visits included. A plus point after only one week of recovery.”

Physio patient in Berkshire

“Therapies on Thames helped [my 94-year-old disabled mother] to reach and grasp and maintain some strength in her legs. You have a gift to inspire and encourage your clients. Your visits are always eagerly awaited.”

Patient’s son in Oxfordshire


All our therapists are fully qualified, experienced professionals, DBS checked, registered member of Health and care professionals council (HCPC) and registered with relevant professional bodies

Therapies on Thames professionals are registered with HCPC, RCOT and CSP