Our Occupational Therapists support adults in Berkshire whose disabilities, medical conditions or ageing have stopped them from doing the activities that matter to them. They will identify why you’re having difficulties with daily tasks, such as washing and dressing, toileting, getting out of bed and preparing meals. All the things that give you independence.

The Occupational Therapist will help you to regain your ability to carry out these important tasks independently. They’ll do it by changing your environment, practising using new equipment and helping you work out practical solutions using different techniques.


The benefits of our Occupational Therapy Service are:

> Home visits – our Occupational Therapists come to you

> Independence – we help you live life the way you want

> Helping you to remain active – to combat isolation

> Restoring confidence – so you make the most of life

> Saving money – we ensure you buy only what you need



“On behalf of my father, we’d like to say a huge thank you for the expert advice and care you offered while he was in the hospital. We had almost given up that dad could remain at home due to the difficulties he was experiencing with Parkinson’s but you have given us confidence and advice we didn’t have before.”

Berkshire-based patient’s daughter

“Therapies on Thames coordinated the care package for my wife when she was terminally ill. He provided advice on the setup in the house, arranged special medical appliances and provided the documentation to allow me to have my wife at home. They did this at a very effective rate and extremely efficiently. He took a huge weight off my shoulders.”

Patient’s husband in Berkshire

“Your occupational therapist helped me so kindly to adjust to daily life and all its difficulties after my knee-replacement. You showed me how to use the equipment you brought along intelligently. It made all the difference to my recovery. At the time, it felt quite scary being declared independent (only because I could wash and dress myself) and having to fend for myself entirely on my own.”

Patient from Caversham

Live as independently as possible

If you’re struggling with everyday activities because you're suffering from illness or injury or have a condition like Parkinson’s disease or arthritis, we can help you remain independent.
We enhance the quality of our clients’ lives by enabling them to carry out daily activities at home. As well as suggesting alternative ways of doing everyday tasks and equipment that could help, our Occupational Therapists can advise on adapting the home to make tasks easier. These changes are often small and we always involve our clients throughout.
The sooner you talk to us, the easier it is to support you or your loved one at home, in a hospital setting or elsewhere. Early intervention can help plan your recovery and make your life easier by providing the right equipment and coping strategies.

Daily activities

As we age, it can be difficult to manage daily activities like making a cup of tea, bathing, eating or gardening due to acute or long term illness. Your Occupational Therapist could suggest simple solutions such as practising these tasks using a different technique. They may recommend gadgets like tap turners or hinged combs that are easier to handle.

Falls and injuries

A fall or injury can affect people’s confidence. This makes them less likely to go out and see friends. An Occupational Therapist will improve your mobility and may trial you with a wheeled walker outside. You will soon realise you can do more on your own and regain your confidence to walk more often and further.

Therapies with a holistic approach

We also work hand in hand with a Berkshire Physiotherapist to ensure our patients are stronger physically, so they can do everyday tasks.
Read more about our combined approach to treating you holistically. We treat the whole person, not just part of you.

How occupational therapy works

We will give you or your family member a one-off assessment followed by rehabilitation. Then we’ll recommend equipment you might need or adaptations at home to make life easier. Also, we will practise doing everyday activities to improve your skills and confidence.
Here are just a few examples of situations people face. They show how our Occupational Therapists can help clients remain independent.

MS and other long-term conditions

We can help people with multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke and other neurological conditions to manage their fatigue and improve their mobility. Our Occupational Therapists can teach you to move from a chair to the bed with less energy and effort. We can establish routines that include rest periods or provide equipment to aid you in the kitchen and bathroom.

Moving home

If you’re moving from a house to sheltered accommodation, our Occupational Therapists can assess your new home’s needs before you arrive. We may look at adapting the height of worktops, for example. We’ll also assess the equipment you might need, such as a hospital bed, a toilet frame or a trolley to carry hot drinks.

Working with care agencies & private hospitals

As well as coming to people’s homes in Berkshire, our specialist Occupational Therapists work with care agencies to train carers in looking after patients better. As a result, clients are less dependent on them. This can save the family from spending thousands on inappropriate care.
For example, an older person is discharged from hospital after fracturing her hip and a live-in carer comes to care for her. We work with the client and train the carer over several weeks. After two months, the carer only needs to come in once a week, which saves on their cost. Meanwhile, the agency gains an employee with additional skills.
The key is to get Occupational Therapy involved quickly. It’s better for the client. It ensures they are seen at the right time, in the right place and with the right intervention. They may not need to move into an expensive care home but can stay in their own home where they feel better and secure. Alternatively, you may want to go to a care home for respite and we can send our therapist to you to speed up your recovery.


Our Occupational Therapists have many years’ experience in providing high quality rehabilitation services in the NHS, social care and private care.

Their Occupational Therapy experience includes elderly care, orthopaedics, neurology, emergencies and a range of clinical conditions in elderly clients .

Everyone is an experienced professional and DBS checked. Many clients trust and value us, as you can see from our testimonials.

There are multiple other ways in which an occupational therapist can help, including pain management, upper limb assessment, support with retaining memory, seating assessments, and public transport training.

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